How to Stage Your Home for When You’re Selling

If you’re thinking about moving, you have already know the importance of staging your home for selling. You want your home to look it’s best and show potential buyers all the great things about your home. When staging your home, think about more than just fresh paint and a clean space, rather think about all of the senses and how you feel when you enter a space. This is all part of making your home feel welcome and inviting. Today, we’re sharing some quick tips on how to stage your home for selling, without having to buy all new furniture or spend a lot of money.

Natural Light

Everything looks brighter and more inviting with natural light. While window treatments are great for privacy, make sure that they’re open and that natural light is flowing through your space when taking photos or when potential buyers are walking through your home.

Clean and Declutter

Ahh! This is such a big one. When you walk into a space that is cluttered and disorganized, it’s hard to imagine it as your own. Clear away countertop appliances like coffee makers and toasters. Make sure your dishes are put away, nothing is in the sink, and your countertops are clean. Taking a little extra time to deep clean your space and remove any clutter will make it feel much more open and inviting.

Look at that clean counter…so much better!

Throw Pillows

When staging your living room for selling, bring some fresh color and texture to your space with throw pillows. Adding pillows to your sofa and chairs makes them look better and also allows buyers to envision themselves in your home since there is an element of warmth and life in the space.

We like to use pillow covers because you can use pillows you already have and give them a whole new look. Check out our pillow cover collection HERE.

All the Plants

Just like natural light, having plants in your home brings life to the space. Again, when you’re thinking about all of the senses, good smelling flowers or plants can make a big difference in how the space feels. The color green symbolizes growth and renewal, which is a perfect way to resonate with potential buyers making a change in buying your home.


While we absolutely love family pictures, when you go to sell a home, it’s time to de-personalize your space. Potential buyers want to envision themselves in the space, so taking your photos out of frames and replacing them with art or printables with words helps your home appeal to a wider variety of people.

Shop your Home

Finally, one of our favorite things to do whether you’re wanting to refresh your space or staging to sell your home is to shop your own home. Since it’s a lot of money to buy all new furniture and decor, look around your home at pieces you may not be using that are in storage or furniture that can be moved to another room. Shop your home for cutting boards, dishes, plants, pillows, art, and more and use it in a different way and a different room to make the space feel brand new.




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