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C2S Pillow Collection 2019 | construction2style

Happy New Year and Monday, friends! I am super excited for this next new year and to get this specific week rolling. I’m starting a six week workout challenge today, which I’ll share more about later and we’re also finally officially announcing our new pillow collection in collaboration with Anthony Diehl Home.

Anthony Diehl Home is owned by two power horses, Aimee and Cameron, out in Philadelphia. Cameron also happened to have been one my lucky roommates at school in CA and one of the best friends I’ve had.

She was studying interior design while we were in school and learning all there was to know about fabrics, textures, and interiors, while I was studying fashion merchandising and styling out retail spaces and learning all about trend forecasting. Then while we vacationed together in Seattle last winter and over a couple of bottomless mimosas, we got to talking about collaborations and pillows were what we decided to collaborate on after we headed home.

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow?

Both of us knew that pillows are one thing we have ten too many of in our homes, so why not create a collection of our own?

We’ve been working on this collection since the early summer of last year to pull together the perfect fabrics, colors, patterns, and good people to make them. Although we we’ve given sneak peeks and shared some with clients throughout this past year, we hadn’t been officially ready to reveal everything until now.

I tell you what; there’s a lot of designing, planning, and prepping when it comes to a collection! A lot more than we all realized, but we’re here and ready as we’re ever going to be.

We’ve already started pulling inspiration for the next collection. Now that we’ve hopefully ironed out all the kinks, we hope to launch the next one soon.

This first collection started by looking at the color trend forecast for 2019 and these were the colors! Aimee and Cameron spent months traveling around to the best fabric suppliers, would send me over prints, patterns and textures and I’d immediately say yes or no. I was going off of not only what we’re drawn towards, but also what our clients and you guys have told us you love. Then they got to work finding the best makers out there in the U.S. and these bad boys went into production!

So here it is – the first line, broken down into three different collections.

C2S Pillow Collections | construction2style

Shop our collection here.

Night at The Museum: 1 – Monet | 2 – Van Gogh | 3 – Pollock | 4 – Gaudi
IndianSummer: 5 – Beach Bound | 6 – Sunset | 7 – Starry Night | 8 – Bouquet
Out of the Park: 9 – Yankee | 10 – A Diamond in The Rough | 11 – Home Run | 12 – The Green Monster

Fabric and Quality

Quality was the biggest factor we wanted to focus on when designing these lines. The fabulous ladies behind Anthony Diehl Home wanted the construction2style collection to be high-quality fabrics with the same fabric on both sides of each pillow. They chose to do this since we all have small kids and know that accidents seem to happen five minutes before your guests arrive. This way you can turn the pillow over and clean it later and you bet that stain will come out, because we invested into quality fabrics.

The market shows a lot of knife-edge pillows, so we decided to step outside the norm and pipe out these pillows with something fun to finish the look.

What we love about the opportunity to collaborate and have Anthony Diehl Home design these pillows is that like us, they support small local businesses all over the United States. Anthony Diehl Home’s offices are in the Philadelphia area, so we made sure that everything is made in the USA.

According to the Anthony Diehl Home girls, “The fabric industry has a wide bandwidth of quality, and we believe you get what you pay for. We feel that lower quality fabrics do not wear well, and the fabric feels either too rough or thin.”

Customer service is their priority. If you would like to change something about our pillows and make it your own, we can make sure your tweaks in our designs come to fruition.

All of the construction2style pillows, along with the other Anthony Diehl Home collections, are made to order and not mass-produced. They do this on purpose, so that you will not see your same style in your neighbor’s home. We want you to be able to create your style and each pillow is made one of a kind.

You can see the full line and purchase on the Anthony Diehl Home website, or if you’re local in Minnesota, we have every sample in our Elk River office and of course, we’re constantly swapping out the designs in our home.
Here are just a few of our favorites in our home so you can see how they look in real life.

Pillow Collection Launch 1

Blue and Orange Pillow | construction2style

Modern Farmhouse Barn Light | construction2style

And pictures never do justice when it comes to the quality of touching and feeling fabric. The feel of Van Gogh is one I can’t ever stop touching. Also one that Beckam won’t leave alone. ha!

Mustard Designer Pillow | construction2style

Green Pattern Designer Pillow | construction2style

Blue Designer Pillow | construction2style

Green Velvet Sofa | construction2style

Hope you enjoy this first line as much as we do! And we can’t wait to share what we have up our sleeves for next season.


Aimee, Cameron & Morgan

Pillow Collection Launch 2

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