How to Style Suspended Shelving

How to Style Suspended Shelving 1

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This week on IGTV, we’re sharing how to style your suspended shelving. Although we’re chatting about suspended shelves, these tips also work for floating shelves or glass cabinets in your bar area as well. If you want to style your shelves for the holidays, check out last week’s tutorial.

Morgan and Jamie have been updating their basement and the most recent addition was this amazing custom tile from Mercury Mosaics in the nook behind their bar. Then the gold suspended shelving from Solid Metal Arts got installed and it was a GAME changer. How cool does this look?!

With styling shelves, one of our biggest tips is that less is more. Your shelves don’t need to be overflowing or over-decorated with items that you never use. By incorporating practical items and a few decor items, your shelves will be the perfect mix. Here are our four tips to styling your suspended shelves:

1. Use Glassware

One of the easiest and most practical ways to style your bar area is to use glassware. By incorporating glassware for a variety of drinks, like wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer pints, and more, you’ll get a varied look. In addition, consider different colored glasses like greens or ambers for a fun addition.

How to Style Suspended Shelving 2

2. Add in the Alcohol

Use the alcohol you’ll use in your bar as part of the styling. If you have unique wines or sentimental bottles, add them to the shelf for a look that’s customized to you and your lifestyle. 

How to Style Suspended Shelving 3

3. Incorporate Decor, Practical Items, & Meaningful Pieces

To fill in the gaps of your shelves, bring in some practical items like a shaker, wine stopper, or mixer. Add mixology books with fun bookends, a little clock, or fun peace sign. These smaller items add personality to your shelves and help break up the glassware. It’s a great way to add touches of gold or other finishes that you want to bring in. If you have meaningful pieces like a family member’s artwork or glassware passed down through generations, add those too.

How to Style Suspended Shelving 4

4. Style with Greenery

Finally, style with greenery! As you probably know, we are all about the greenery here at c2s. It’s the perfect way to bring life to your space and add that pop of green. A variety of real and faux plants is a great option if you get natural lighting in your space, but succulents and other faux plants work well too.

How to Style Suspended Shelving 5

And there ya have it, four ways to style your suspended shelving! We want to see how you style your shelves, so tag us @construction2style!

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