Lifelong Human Damage from the Drug Game | Noah’s Story

Lifelong Human Damage from the Drug Game | Noah Bergland | construction2style

So one thing prison has shown me is the lifelong damage or affects that drugs have on the human body.

I have never seen so many twitches and mannerisms as a result of drug use, as well as early aging in certain individual.

I guess some are luckier then others and just like the brain can hold up for some from the drug use and then the next man loses his mind after a few years of using that same drug, some age better then others. There are multiple people that I have met during my time in prison that tell me they are in their mid 50’s and I was literally thinking they were in their late 60’s possibly even early 70’s.

Then the involuntary facial expressions, the uncontrolled grunting and mumbling, and the rapid leg movement when their mind or attention is on something else are all attributed to meth in particular.

I remember the weird things I used to do as a child and still do from time to time when my sinuses are acting up. I would make weird throat noises and my mom would tell me to stop doing that and then I would sit there thinking how bad I want to do it again but don’t because I didn’t want to irritate her.

Then there was this thing with my face where I would look up with my eyes, push my upper lip down, to stretch my noise or something and I don’t know I was weird I guess. But imagine if my drug use would have continued and those types of behaviors would have only multiplied.

Even after only four or five years of various drug use from partying on the weekends and then consistent meth and crack use over the end of 2010 and most of 2011, I feel restlessness in my shoulders and hips but know it’s nothing so I try not to give into it.

I used to think when I was a kid I was going to eventually get Parkinson’s.

I think being around all these individuals for the last 6 years has been helpful for me, I can always ask myself, “is this what I want to become?” Hello no.

I don’t want to be that guy when I get release who starts working with his hands and starts grunting and making involuntary noises, people would probably be wonder, “what the hell is wrong with this guy?”

So just like anything else, before you decided to try something new, you can take a good look at the individual offering it to you and think, “is this a person I want to be like?”

And hopefully that answer is no.

They might seem cool in high school or college but I am looking at them now, and I guess I am technically one of them… they are NOT COOL. Many are tore up, burnt out, and fried (a few more prison terms we use to describe these individuals). 🙂

In lifelong damage, when I talk about four to five years of various drug use, add hard between various and drug.

Obviously I was doing drugs long before that but it was weed and alcohol and I guess I am talking mostly about hard drugs… meth, crack, heroin, etc. Not one human looks “cool” when they do any of those. 

Thanks for listening!

Lifelong Human Damage from the Drug Game | Noah's Story 1

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