Our Favorite Easy Storage Solutions to Decorate With

Easy Storage Solutions

Creating storage in your home that’s functional but also pretty can be a challenge. So many ‘easy storage solutions’ do the job, but lack the style and design. We’ve been working on removing the clutter from our home and using storage that also acts as decor has been a great way to kill two birds with one stone. If you’re looking to create extra storage in your home that also incorporates fun decor, keep reading to see our favorite easy storage solutions.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are such a versatile storage item and are also a great way to bring decor into your home. For a living room, wicker baskets are an easy storage solution for blankets. In our dining room, we used wicker baskets for storing our plants, which is a really simple way to add texture and decor to your space. We just place the plant in the pot it came in into the basket and it looks so much better than just a plain black pot.

Wicker Storage Baskets | construction2style

Our Favorite Easy Storage Solutions to Decorate With 1

Blanket Ladders

Another one of our favorite easy storage solutions for blankets is a blanket ladder. Whatever your style, these ladders can be rustic or more modern and there are hundreds of colors and designs you can choose from to fit your style. We love how they make living rooms feel cozy and lived in, while also providing a spot to hold your blankets. Blanket ladders are also a great DIY project and we have a full tutorial on how you can make your own HERE.

Blanket Ladder Decor and Storage | construction2style

Floating Shelves

One of the best easy storage solutions to add decor to your home is through incorporating floating shelves. We love them installing them in kitchens for storing and displaying fun dishes. They’re a great way to show off colorful bowls, additional storage for cookbooks, or displaying plants in your kitchen. In our kitchen, we used floating shelves on either side of the custom hood, which allowed our backsplash to shine while also providing storage and a place to display decor.

Floating Shelves for Storage and Decor | construction2style

Floating Shelves Storage | construction2style

Floating Shelves for Storage and Decor | construction2style


Pegboards have become one of our favorite ways to incorporate storage and decor in a unique and functional way. We love how versatile they are and how you can add color through spray paint and your style through baskets. In Greyson’s room, we used a pegboard and wire baskets to create a craft area, so that all his supplies have a home, but it also makes for a fun hanging piece in his room.

Using pegboards and wire baskets for storage and decor | construction2style

When we organized our workshop, we also used a pegboard for organizing our tools and added a fun pop of color by spray painting it. The pegboard adds an element of decor to an otherwise simple and basic shop and makes it a little more fun to grab tools and work on projects!

Pegboards and baskets in our workshop | construction2style


In this nook that’s right off the kitchen, using an ottoman added a unique decor piece and extra storage with the rustic baskets underneath. Ottomans are one of our favorite easy storage solutions because many of them come with removable tops for storing blankets and pillows, which helps clear the clutter in your living room. Ottoman trays are also a great way to give magazines and books a home, without making the space feeling messy.

Ottoman Storage | construction2style

Shop Our Favorite Items for Easy Storage Solutions

Pegboard | Wire Baskets | Wicker Basket | Ottoman Serving Tray | Blanket Ladder | Ottoman with Storage | Floating Shelf

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