Our Favorite Fall Boots

Our Favorite Fall Boots 1

Rachel: Guess what? 

Ross: You got a job? 

Rachel: Are you kidding? I am trained for nothing! 

Chandler: And yet you are surprisingly upbeat! 

Rachel: Well,  you would be too, if you found Joan & David boots on sale! 50%. They are my new, I don’t need a job, I don’t need my parents, I have got great BOOTS BOOTS!!

Have you ever felt that way before, like Rachel Green from “Friends”? That feeling comes right after you get dressed, put your lovely fall boots on, spray your favorite perfume and go right into this wild world, all confident and excited.

Several things really do make up our appearance: the kind of clothes we choose, how groomed we are and our shoes! Remember, you can never come back and make that first impression again. 

Shoes have always been known for completing the look and putting the right ones on is essential. 

My grandpa was a shoemaker and he always said, that you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their shoes. They do make us memorable and that can be both good and bad!

A wonderful thing about boots is that they rise above all the weather conditions. I was in San Diego two weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how many women were wearing tall fall boots.

fall boots

The days were really hot and beautiful, but some of the locals felt like they didn’t want to miss out. They were willing to persevere and still complete their look with those fall boots instead of wearing simple sandals or flip-flops. 

Summer is rich in crocs, slip-ons, sandals, flip-flops, and pedicures, but autumn has always been capable of bringing that vibrant Italian way of dressing: layers, fall boots, hats, scarves, and gloves! 

Some of us love 4-inch-heel boots, but we understand that not everyone was born to wear them, is willing to sacrifice comfort or skilled in walking in those effortlessly, so booties could be a wonderful substitution. 

Here are 6 main boot types that are so worth considering this fall:

  1. rubber boots 
  2. platform boots
  3. suede boots 
  4. classic western ankle style
  5. cowboy boots 
  6. tight and knee-high boots

Rubber Boots

When weather stops spoiling us and sun gets replaced with rain, those rubber Chelsea boots come in handy. Target or J.Crew have been selling them for multiple seasons now and they do not get old. 

Let’s not forget about hunter boots that have been a wonderful finisher to a lot of fall outfits for the last five or more years. 

Thinking of going to an apple orchard but worried about ruining your suede shoes in the grass? Rubber boots were made just for that and will gladly save the situation! 

Platform Boots 

Dolce Vita will be a wonderful place to buy those this fall. They have a great variety this year, but if you are looking to spend less, target has some very similar options, but for less!

Platform boots usually offer thick soles throughout the length and width of the shoe. These soles are typically made with cork and rubber materials and will provide you with extra comfort. They will give you the height you are looking for, but unlike heels, they will do that without the pain. Visually they are flattering and give your leg that slimming look and let’s not forget that more often than not they will fit both formal and informal events.

Don’t Step on My Blue Suede Boots

Suede will always be a way to bring texture, luxury and sophistication to any outfit! Suede has been and will be that transitional season fabric. You might already have some suede booties in your closet that are nicely stored from last fall and now is the time to bring them out! 

Suede requires more special cleaning, storage, protection, and care, but it is all worth it because of how much elegance it brings to the table!

Think of caramels, soft yellows or even pinot noirs – those are just your few colors for this season! Notice how we are not going straight to dark grey and black quite yet, which makes it a pleasant and smooth transition into these lovely September days! 

I am convinced that it wouldn’t be fall fashion without suede boots. 

Cowboy and Western Boots

Have you heard a phrase: “If I can’t wear my cowboy boots, I ain’t going!” Bold and decisive, right? 

Cowgirl boots always bring me to Nashville!

Our Favorite Fall Boots 2

When I think of Cowgirl boots today, I think of a western style that carries that everyday look. Some of those boots are rooted in tradition and will offer you that American classic style, while other shoe companies are revamping the stereotype and bringing non-traditional designs to the market! 

Sweater dress, shorts and a blazer, mini dress, long silk skirt, you name it! Tall western boots will bring every outfit to completion. 

Our Favorite Fall Boots 3

1.  Women’s Shana Cowboy Boots  | 2. Utari Western Pointed Toe Boots | 3. Women’s Marlow Western Boots | 4. Lasso Pink Leather | 5. Steve Madden Wynter Boot | 6. Dolce Vita Shiren Boots | 7. Madewell Cassity Western Boot

Knee High Boots 

Just like great art, the knee-high boots have stood the test of time. When they join our closets they bring a lot of benefits with them: they are warm, versatile and practical. Flat or heel, leather or suede, they look fabulous with majority of your outfits.  

Shacket over a dress, pencil skirt, blazer dress, favorite leather jacket with a mini skirt or a relaxed knitted dress for a more casual look, all of those outfits will look fabulous with your knee high boots! 

Contemplating about making a statement? Look no further, we put together some lovely trending boots for you to choose from: 

fall boots


  1. Madewell Speed Platform Boots | 2. Bronco White Boots | 3. Hunter Women’s Short Rain Boots | 4. Maryana Sculp Heel Boot| 5. Sonbela Boot | 6. Nestly Boot | 7. Steve Madden Brown Leather | 8. Vince Camuto Suede Boot | 9. Caster H2O Booties | 10. Dolce Vita Celida Hiking Boot |  11. Chaya Pointed Toe Bootie  |

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