How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 1

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In a previous blog post, we talked about ways to add texture and color to your shelving. We also wanted to chat about how to style them!

The biggest secret or tip to styling shelves is to ensure it all looks pulled together and that your eye flows from one shelf to the other. Keep reading to learn how to style shelves like an interior design pro. 

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 2

Create Your Design and Your Style

Have a Consistent Color Pallet

Your first step to any good design is having a consistent color pallet. We always like to use a neutral color scheme with pops of color.

Or you can do vice versa and go with fun and bold wallpaper, but keep the decor pretty light. Regardless, just make sure you have a color scheme you’re going with to ensure it all flows together nicely.

As you can see, in this project we were going for an organic and muted boho feel complete with greens and pampas grass. 

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 3

Reflect your Style

It’s important to remember that this space is your own. It reflects you and your family. Emily Henderson always said that if something isn’t sentimental, beautiful, or functional, then don’t use it.

Remember this when picking out items to style with. 

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 4

This bar area reflects all three of the above for these clients. They love entertaining and wanted to have an area where that was easily accessible. It’s also functional and not hard to look at! 

Check out the full blog post and reveal of the Crystal Lake Main Level. 

Start with Books

Books are the easiest and most inexpensive ways to decorate. Especially if you are decorating your bookshelves, add some books!

We get all of our books from second-hand stores for under $1. Collect your books and make sure the colors flow together.

If you have a ton of different colors, group them together. Just don’t put all your darker books on one end and lighter ones on the other.

Stagger throughout the shelving so that your eye flows throughout your design. And then stock your books both vertically and horizontally.

Some standing up and some laying down.

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 5

Layer with Simple Objects

Once you’ve staggered your books, it’s time to layer the shelves with simple objects. Whether it is pieces of artwork or picture frames, we like to lean our art or pictures up against the back of the shelves, which makes the shelves look deeper and creates a sense of layering.

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 6

Mix it Up & Shift Weight from Side to Side

Then it’s time to mix it up! Throw in your vases, your little simple objects, clocks, globes, sculptures, etc.

And remember, less is more. As I’m throwing up the eclectic things, I constantly stand back and look over the whole to make sure it all flows together, shifting the weight of the objects from side to side.

How to Style Your Shelves in 4 Steps 7

And there ya have it! Your beautiful masterpiece.

Can’t wait to see your guys’ spaces. Make sure to tag us so we can see them! 

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