We Bought a New Building!

We Bought a New Building! 1

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Bye, bye working from home! But we officially bought a building! 

Oh wait, we still have to remodel. ha! 

Welcome to the new construction2style office/workshop! This past September, we left our rental spot in Elk River, and as we were in the midst of closing on our new building have been working out of our home since.

Although I have loved working from home I am excited to get our team back together, the creative juices flowing, and the camaraderie that we all bring – better together, once again. This past month, we officially closed on our first commercial building of our own.

Which has been a BIG goal of ours for the last five years.

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And you bet we’ll be remodeling the whole thing and taking you guys along for the ride.

To have our own building has been a goal of ours since we started c2s, Jamie’s never been the renting kinda guy – hence how/why we started c2s when he started flipping homes back in 2012.

But we started taking it seriously a few years back, as we had been working on growing our business and team and had a very affordable rental spot in the cutest downtown Elk River, also our family’s hometown.

However, Jamie was always constantly on the hunt. I’m still shocked he doesn’t have his real estate license yet as this has always been one of his favorite hobbies – looking at real estate.

He actually came across this property while I was traveling for work and took Jill, our controller (aka controls our money) and who also does a ton of real estate investing herself, and put in an offer the next day. We weren’t feeling too hopeful with the way properties are going right now, but we landed it!

It feels really good to check off a big dream and goal. And I’m not going to lie, it was also a bit stressful because we’re taking a lot of big jumps currently in our company and although part of us was thinking … now financially is not the time, we reminded ourselves – when is it ever the right time to take those major leaps of faith.

So we did it! And as we mentioned in our Christmas letter – it’s one step at a time, one day at a time.

And if you keep your head down and work towards your dreams and goals, you will always persevere. And as sad as we are to say goodbye to our Elk River community, we know this is the right fit for our team and clients.

We Bought a New Building! 2

We are officially located in Brooklyn Park, right across the street from Fleet Farm. As our team lives and works around the metro and, most of our vendors and clients are within 15 – 20 minutes of the area, we couldn’t have asked for a better price point. 

It was a win-win all around to land this space.

Note our new address will be: 8557 Wyoming Ave N Brooklyn Park, MN 55445. But don’t swing in quite yet because we have a lot of remodeling to do. 

Here’s a little peek at what the current state looks like, although the demo has already begun. The entire space is 2,400 square feet. 1,200 of office space and in the back – 1,200 of warehouse/shop space.

Jamie is very excited to get all of the c2s shop stuff + tools out of his personal shop at home and to truly have a co-working space for the guys for our carpentry work. 

The front office area will be a total gut and remodel. And our resilience2reform team will also be working from here.

And you’ll be able to stop in, and take a peek at our c2s shop merchandise once complete, or even now if you shoot us an email as most of our c2s shop merchandise is half off, so we can clear out before the construction dust really flies! 

So here’s a little tour … when you first walk in, there is a common area. Followed up by two offices, a hallway with an additional two office/conference rooms, another common area, and two bathrooms.

Four offices, two bathrooms, and two common rooms, followed by the 1,200 workshop space. 

We Bought a New Building! 3

We Bought a New Building! 4

We Bought a New Building! 5

We Bought a New Building! 6

Trim has been taken down and once we finalize our plans, permits will be pulled, and we’ll be sharing designs. One thing about commercial properties is that you have to have commercial contractors, to bring some things up to code, which we are not licensed for.

So although we had our plans drawn up to be a total gut and remodel, we are reevaluating some things because the quote alone we got to move the commercial sprinklers, in which you legally have to have, was $20K alone.

And that’s even hard for us as contractors to stomach. So some walls may no longer be coming down.

But one thing I know is that both of these bathrooms are going away, and this whole place will be a c2s vibe.

We Bought a New Building! 7

And the back of the building – the guys’ new workshop space! One thing we’re also very excited about is deliveries and having this door.

So long are the days of our merchandise ending up in the middle of our yard or our clients’ driveways. 

We Bought a New Building! 8

Jamie’s still debating if he’s going to take out this second-level storage area. It was a pretty sketchy build. Other than that, we won’t be remodeling much of anything back here. 

We Bought A Building

Excited about this new adventure! And as always, we’re so thankful for each and every one of you and for being here along this wild ride.

Stay tuned for the designs – and what this will soon become. Can’t wait to have you all in.

We Bought a New Building! 9

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