5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 1

Does anyone else have a spot in their kitchen that seems like wasted space or just not functional? We’ve seen many in the homes of our clients, and they are always looking for ways to turn those spaces into bars that are more practical and make a statement in their kitchen. Here are some of our favorite kitchen bar examples…

Desk Turned Bar

Last year, our clients reached out with their kitchen project, wanting to give it a refresh and make their desk area more practical by turning it into a bar. There are a lot of kitchens that have desks like this where our clients want to take them out. During the 1990s and early 2000s, these desks were popular in the kitchen as mail centers, organization stations, and more. Now, home offices are more the way to go, and people have laptops, so a specific desk spot in the kitchen isn’t needed.


Here’s how the space looked before:

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 2


Now, this area is so much more functional for our clients, and the kitchen refresh and bar turned out amazing! The custom Mercury Mosaics tile accents the Cambria quartz countertops and wood floating shelves. Instead of an unused desk, now there is a spot for the TV, storage below, and shelving for fun decor, cookbooks, and more.

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 3

Window Breakfast Bar

Do you have a space under your window that seems not to get used? With this example from Chip & Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper, they turned an unused space in the kitchen into a breakfast bar. For this area in the kitchen, it provides a cute breakfast space and is much more practical than just an open area.

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 4

Coffee Bar

In this main level remodel, our clients were looking to add a coffee bar into their kitchen. This space is right off the kitchen and connects the dining room and kitchen, which makes it function as a butler’s pantry as well. To differentiate the space, the tile for the bar is a square format in a gold and white pattern. Having a specific spot for the coffee maker clears up countertop space in the rest of the kitchen and gives it a designated spot.

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 5

Beverage Center Bar

This is such a practical example of a beverage center in the kitchen. In this photo, the bar holds the coffee maker, wine bottles, mini-fridge, and glassware. We love how it clears up the clutter in the rest of the kitchen and gives the beverages their own area. Since it’s not in the middle of the rest of the kitchen, traffic is directed to this spot, rather than through the rest of the kitchen.

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 6

Photo Source

Waterfall Breakfast Bar

What a cool breakfast bar in this smaller kitchen! You don’t have to have a large kitchen to create a bar in your space. This waterfall countertop off the side wall gives a cute little space for your morning coffee, breakfast, or dinner for two. It also helps define the kitchen space when it ends with the tile.

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 7

Photo Source

5 Great Kitchen Bar Examples We Love 8

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