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Kitchen Refresh Before and After | construction2style

Happy Monday! We finally get to reveal a project that we’ve put in a lot of hard work to complete. And this one has been a long time coming.

We started this project last year, but ran into a few delays in material orders, but the wait was worth it!

This family initially came to us just wanting us to fix their sink. Little did they know…hehe.

Then they chatted about doing “something” with the desk area, nothing major, just a few minor updates. Then…we started brewing up other ideas with them, and before you knew it, it was a full kitchen refresh. Ha! Isn’t that the way it always works? One thing always leads to another when it comes to home improvement.

Let’s start with the most fun part, the before.


Besides fixing the sink, the major focus was on reconfiguring their desk area, on the right hand side, into something new and different.

Anyone else out there with a desk area in their kitchen that they don’t use as an actual office? We had one too.

We suggested doing a fun bar area with a statement backsplash and floating shelves in this space. The biggest challenge was figuring out where the TV would go. After a few suggestions and conversations, in the end, it was decided it was going to stay in the kitchen. Since this project was for a morning news anchor and a food critic, keeping a TV incorporated into the space was a want for their lifestyle, which makes sense!

After we designed out the bar area, we thought we’d pull it together with similar backsplash on the surround, updating the lighting, and adding some black hardware.

But then…dun, dun, dun…we brought up refacing their cabinet doors and painting the existing boxes and while we were at it, they wanted to put in a new pantry door. This all brought another little bump in the road; to decide whether or not the cost was worth it and how much more time that would take for materials. In the end, we moved forward on it and man, did that make it feel like a brand new kitchen!


For the initial design of this project, we planned to use the existing cabinets and refreshing the rest of the space. Black hardware and accent lighting were ways that we suggested giving the space a new look and feel. Once we got into designing a custom backsplash, we kept going with updating the kitchen and it turned into a full refresh that looks like a brand new space.

This was the initial mood board.

Kitchen Refresh Mood Board Design | construction2style

One of the things this family wanted to do was support local businesses which is so cool!

Whenever our clients want Mercury Mosaics handmade tile, we are so EXCITED! This was a custom design around the bar area and it’s always so cool to work with the incredible team at Mercury Mosaics to design the perfect backsplash for clients. We went back and forth with the clients and Mercury to create a custom backsplash that was exactly what they were looking for and continued the ombre movement pattern in the backsplash as well.

Using the diamond turned hexagon shapes, the bar area has a unique design that slowly changes as it goes up the ceiling with floating shelves to accent. We’re huge fans of floating shelves because they don’t hide fun backsplashes or look bulky in a space and can be used to display decor and dishes.

SketchUp Bar Design MockUp | construction2style

For the other finishing selections, the clients were all about using Minnesota made products, which we love! The countertops are one of our favorite designs from Cambria, which is Skara Brae, and then we also used Nic Frost cabinetry. It all complimented the handmade tile perfectly and makes the bar area look one of a kind.

The lighting over the table is Hennepin Made and we got to tour their headquarters and see how they blow the glass and make the lights. It’s a unique piece that ties into the black hardware and adds to the custom look of the kitchen.



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This was such a fun project to design + build and family to work with! A little sad we won’t be getting the dose of his daily comical humor. Hopefully that sink breaks again, so we’ll be back. 🙂

Photos: Chelsie Lopez

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Jessica Flannigan

So good! Such great inspiration for families who need an update but can’t do a full blown kitchen remodel. The before was totally fine but the after is beautiful!


Beautiful! Thanks for featuring our lights!!


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