Beckam’s Nursery Reveal

modern bohemian nursery

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Mastitis twice, no night’s sleep, endless pots of coffee, cradle cap, diaper rash, lots of tears and belly laughs…and we finally finished the nursery…welcome to our life in the past four months. I can’t believe our little baby Beckam is already four months. Time needs to slooooow down. Every day he is changing more and more and getting happier by the minute. Monday, he giggled for the first time and yesterday he rolled over! It’s the little things that put a big smile on our face.

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 1

So we are pumped to finally show you guys the full before and afters of Beck’s room. It only took us six months to start and finish this space, ha! But we’re finally here sharing and all the details.


Beckam's Nursery Reveal 2


Beckam's Nursery Reveal 3

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 4


Beckam's Nursery Reveal 5

When putting together the mood board and inspiration for the nursery the one thing we knew we wanted was a wall with some bold wallpaper. We ended up working with Rebel Walls and ordered their Bellewood Forest Green Wallpaper. All their wallpaper is incredible, I have a long list of other spaces where I now want to incorporate their other prints. It was hard to choose which one to use in Beck’s room but in the end, if this boy is anything like Greyson, all he’ll want to do is explore the outdoors and we thought this was the perfect print for it.

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 6

My cousin, Kirsten, came over when Beck was 6 weeks and snapped these adorable photos. I pretty much framed them all. But I couldn’t get over these two prints. The yellow mustard blanket was the perfect color to accent the green Rebel Wall wallpaper. And I love telling people, I was under that blanket with my arms wrapped around him. And it took a little while to rock that baby to sleep. My cousin is so clever! You would have never guessed it. She said babies always sleep better in their momma’s arms, and I think she’s right.

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 7

The crib was last on our priority list too. Or I should say because I had no idea what I wanted. We were kinda thinking we were going to wait and transition Greyson into a big boy bed and move his crib into Beck’s room, but then I was kinda wanting a wooden crib. I was thinking it would fit better with the woods wallpaper print. So we were pretty stoked when a past client of ours told us they had a free crib for us! Score!!

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 8

We also partnered with Shelfology, who provided us with these incredible shelves with brackets. And these shelves are super heavy duty. We even put together a fun tutorial for you guys on how to style shelves in 8 steps. 

You guys- I can’t even keep succulents alive! I had those vases filled with succulents and yep, they died. So thanks to my mom and my mother- in-law they went and got me some faux plants and got them looking alive and in the vase. Looks like I’m going to have to stick to the fake stuff. ha!

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 9

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 10

We made this dreamcatcher pretty easily too, which we are sharing the full tutorial over on Remodelaholic next month and we’ll be sure to link to it and shout it out once it goes live.

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 11

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 12

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 13

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 14

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 15

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 16

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 17

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 18

Beckam's Nursery Reveal 19

Curtains | Cost Plus World Market

Wallpaper | Rebel Walls
Frames | IKEA
Vase, Sticks, Bedding, Pillow, Elephant, Silver Elephant, Shelving Decor | Target
Blanket | Pottery Barn
Mirror | Home Goods
Shelving with Brackets | Shelfology
Hanging Wall Vases | construction2style

modern bohemian nursery before and after



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