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Love is in the air, and what could be a better way to celebrate than with a delightful spread that caters to every Valentine? Whether you’re hosting for a group or planning something more intimate with that special someone, these easy Valentine’s Day recipes will set you for success and will elevate your Valentine’s Day! 

Feel free to follow our recipes closely or improvise and go off script! 

Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes (Brunch)

Brunch has always been and will remain my favorite meal. Late morning is that time on a Saturday or Sunday when you can have your breakfast and not rush. You can sip coffee slowly and have a conversation, because you are not trying to get out the door and make it to your 8 am meeting.  It’s breakfast you took time to prepare and now can savor. 

We suggest you try our Swedish Pancake recipe or Delicious Egg Bites. 

Swedish Pancakes Recipe

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes Swedish Pancakes

Swedish Pancakes - Easy Valentine's Day recipes Brunch

Perfect Egg Bite Recipe

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes 1

Egg Bites Easy Valentine's Day Recipes

Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes (Dinner)

What if you serve chicken wild rice salad or/and pasta fresca for your festive dinner. Both are easy to prepare and carry that elevated look on a plate. I have a friend who says, “Salad always tastes better if someone else makes it for you”. Wouldn’t you agree?

I would go further and argue that anything that’s made and served by someone else tastes better, because we get to sit back and be on the receiving end of grace, generosity and hospitality. However, it is rather wonderful to cook, spoil and show hospitality and I would choose that in a heartbeat. 

The freshness of this signature salad paired with homemade ranch will impress and satisfy anyone. 

As for pasta, it is simply good and comforting for the soul and the recipe below even though it is low effort, it looks beautiful and makes a perfect meal. 

These recipes promise to infuse your Valentine’s Day gathering with love and flavor, whether it’s a casual meal or an intimate dinner for two.

Refreshing Chicken Wild Rice Salad Recipe 

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes - chicken Salad Chicken Wild rice Salad Easy Valentine's Day Recipes

Homemade Pasta Fresca

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes 2

Pasta Fresca Easy Valentine's Day Recipes

Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes (Dessert)

The raspberry ice cream cake is not just a delicious cake, but also an eye candy! As you cut into it, the vibrant colors and tempting textures make it perfect for pictures and even better for eating. 

Raspberry Ice Cream Cake 

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes Raspberry Ice-cream cake Raspberry Ice-Cream Cake Recipe

Layered English Trifle Recipe

As I always say, English Trifle reminds me of Ikea, because the most important part here is assembly!  So, let’s see if you can rise to the occasion and show off your instruction-reading and following skills! 

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes 3

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes English Trifle

Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes (Drinks) 

Strawberry Watermelon Lime Mocktail Recipe 

This mocktail is perfect for holidays and only has four ingredients! 

Watermelon Lime Mocktail Easy Valentine's Day Recipe Strawberry Watermelon Lime Mocktail Easy Valentine's Day Recipes  

Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you’re looking for a fairly easy and unique Valentine’s Day gift for the special people in your life, hot chocolate bombs are the way to go.

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes 4 Easy Valentine's Day Recipes 5

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