Simple Home Decor Ideas to Improve Your Living Space

Updated Living Room

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Change Out Your Pillows

One of our favorite ways to get an updated living room or update a client’s living space is to change out the pillows. Pillows can make a big impact in your space and are a great way to bring in fun colors and textures. We love using pillow covers because they allow you to buy quality pillows and then switch out the covers for different seasons or with different decor. Check out our line of pillow covers with Anthony Diehl Home HERE.

Living Room Updates | construction2style

Living Room Updates | construction2style

Bring In New Decor

By simply bringing in new decor, your updated living room space can feel brand new without having to spend a bunch of money. Some of our favorite places to shop for fun decor items or small furniture pieces are West Elm, World Market, Wayfair, and Target. Or if you want to bring in decor that’s more personal and that you’ve made yourself, consider building a blanket ladder, making a hanging macrame, or incorporating art made by someone you love. Another way we love to switch up the decor in a space is through plants, since greenery is an awesome way to add life to your space and change out with the seasons.

Simple Living Room Updates | construction2style

Living Room Updates | construction2style

Add a Rug

One of the ways you can add style and interest to your updated living room is by adding a rug to the space. We love large area rugs because they’re great for making the room feel cozy and warm, yet they’re easier to switch out and replace than carpet. Rugs also help define the space and work well with furniture groupings. If you’re not sure what size or material of rug to buy, we’ve put together a whole rug buying guide for you HERE.

Living Room Updates | construction2style

Living Room Updates | construction2style

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls work well in living rooms because it’s the perfect place to display family photos in an organized way. We love displaying our photo-only gallery walls in a grid format. When you’re incorporating mirrors, macrame hangings, and other decor with your photos, go for more of a relaxed and random pattern. To make sure that the pieces flow together, choose decor with similar colors and aim for a couple of feature elements with smaller decor pieces sprinkled in. If you’re looking to incorporate a gallery wall into your living room, we’ve got a tutorial on how to create one HERE.

Living Room Updates | construction2style

Create a gallery wall to refresh your living room | construction2style

Make Use of Shelving

Shelving is one of our favorite ways to add decor and style into all rooms but is especially great for updated living rooms. Styled shelves show off your design style and personality while providing a practical way to display family heirlooms, knickknacks from travels, plants, and books that you love. If you have built-ins like the room below, make sure the shelves don’t get too cluttered and hold items that you truly love and want to show off. Floating shelves vary in size and color, which is nice because you can choose one that works well for the shape and size of your wall or room.

Styled Shelving | construction2style

Simple Living Room Updates | construction2style

Add an Accent Element

To add interest to your living room, consider adding an accent element. One of the ways we love to create a feature wall is to install shiplap, whether that’s above a fireplace or on the wall behind the TV. Shiplap can work with various design styles and adds a feature wall that draws the eye and creates a statement. Other ways to add an accent element include installing wallpaper on one wall or painting one of your walls a darker color. To add interest to your ceiling, consider a DIY wood plank ceiling or a coffered ceiling detail like in the picture below.

How to Add Farmhouse Style | construction2style

Living Room Updates wood panel ceiling | construction2style


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  2. The simpler the better it is true that simplicity is beauty, having simple decor in my home is so fresh for the eyes so warm to look at it. that’s why I love making it simple.

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