The Art of Styling Homes

The Art of Styling Homes 1

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When we finish our remodeling part of the project and homes look crisp and smell new, we schedule a photoshoot and head over to our client’s house for styling it and making it look its’ best.

Wouldn’t you agree that personality is key? And I will argue that your home is not an exception here. We are all drawn to uniqueness and genuineness that are raw and authentic at the same time.

I admire homes that can silently tell me a story. They point out to what matters to the owners the most and what they value.

styling homes

And I am not only talking about beautifully framed family photos, Monet paintings and books you may spot in their home office.

Our homes, the way we live and decorate, what we choose to put in the spotlight of our living rooms, these are the things that captivate me. Your home is your fortress, it’s where you hide when world gets overwhelming, it’s where we invite people who matter the most, where welcome newborns, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

We begin and end our days there. Your home will always tell a story of where you have been, who you have become and how you have been molded. 

One of our family friends started their marriage by going to Provence on their honeymoon, and France forever captured their hearts. They tend to get back there every couple of years to get refreshed and enjoy a different pace of life. 

Guess whose house looks like a sliver of a Southern French village? Theirs! The boldness of blues and reds and that effortless chic in all the right ways! The texture and comfort of the velvet blend very well with the elegance of French design. Crystal chandelier, ivory sofas, and of course, a vintage rug! Their house is truly unforgettable! It tells their story.

What does your house have to say? Where do you draw inspiration when you move into a new space? Where do you start? 

When the fun part of styling comes, we spend time with our clients, we ask good questions, we listen and help them shop! We know their house measurements well, we have their floor plans on hand and we tend to quickly realize how they live in their given space, if they have kids or if they don’t, if they entertain or if their lives are quieter. 

The Art of Styling Homes 2

I hope we are helping you start and inspiring you to think things through as you trot on this bouncy journey of styling. And remember, we do offer interior design services so don’t hesitate to reach out and we will make your experience fun and truly memorable.

In this particular blog post we will introduce you to some finishing touches mostly on tables and shelves and demonstrate how we utilize some of our favorite construction2style shop products when elevating and emphasizing our clients’ pieces of personal value!

Featured below are photos of homes we have recently brought to completion and styled. 

Aren’t they lovely? 

The Art of Styling Homes 3

Shop this Dry Bar Decor:

  1. Terra-cotta Vase | 2. Dried Natural Leonurus Bunch | 3. Marble & Wood Coasters | 4. Custom Mugs | 5. Metal Planter with Stand

the art of styling homes

Shop this Coffee Table Decor:

 1. Cement Face | 2. Marble Chain Decor | 3. Wood Natural Serving Tray (similar) | 4. Wide Neck Clear Glass Vase (similar) | 5. White Sandstone Sculpture |  

the art of styling homes

Shop this Shelf Decor:

  1. Marble Vase | 2. Sienna Dried Canary Grass | 3. Marble & Wood Coasters | 4. Mango Wood Bead Garland | 5. Set of 3 Embossed Stoneware Vases |

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