The End of an Era

The End of an Era 1

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Today is my last day at construction2style and it’s so bittersweet! It’s the end of an era and a season that’s been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Goodbyes are so hard for me and this one especially because Morgan, Jamie, and Topher are incredible people and it’s been a joy to work alongside them for the last 3+ years. 

Finding construction2style 

4 years ago, I was about to finish my last year of undergrad and planning to move up to the Twin Cities to start my interior design degree, when I came across construction2style through Instagram. After scrolling through their profile, I went and checked out their website. I thought to myself “this is exactly what I want to do someday” and in my email to Morgan asking if they were looking for any internships, my exact words were…

“I absolutely love your style and your story about how your company got started! It is super cool to see how well you are doing and how passionate you are about your job!”

She replied with wanting to meet up for coffee and we got a date on the calendar.

Meeting Morgan

In August of 2016, I drove the 2 1/2 hours up from my hometown to Minneapolis to meet her before the Brews & Brands event she was hosting at Town Hall Brewery later that day. This was so out of my comfort zone at the time. I was a shy small-town girl and I remember not knowing where to park or where I was going, but I made it. Morgan was an hour late since she was getting her eyelashes done for the first time and it took longer than she thought, which is something we still laugh about to this day. But I was not going to miss meeting her, especially after driving all that way, so I waited.

We instantly clicked with both being from small towns, loving our families, and the world of design. After we talked about my school, life, and what I’d be able to help with at c2s, the event was getting started. She asked if I wanted to stick around and help that day and I jumped right in from the start.

The End of an Era

Working at construction2style

Not having moved to the Twin Cities full time quite yet, Morgan & I kept in touch throughout that year through social and then in the spring of 2017, I started helping out with graphics and the blog. Since my undergrad degree is in Public Relations and Graphic Design, I loved learning about the blog side of their business and getting to create graphics that complimented that. 

Then I moved to the Twin Cities for design school and my husband’s job. During school, I worked for construction2style and kept learning more and more about the design + build industry. It was at that time that I started working with clients and became the interior designer

Over the years, I also helped out in any way they needed including creating content, helping with admin, social media, writing and editing, marketing, putting on events, and more. Working for a smaller company means that you wear a lot of hats and I am grateful for that because it has grown me in so many ways. 

The End of an Era

A Walk Down Memory Lane


Some of my favorite memories at construction2style include the fun trips I’ve gotten to go on. It’s always so fun to meet others in the industry, get inspired, and hang out as a team. My first trip was a solo one where I attended an appliance workshop in Chicago

The End of an Era 2

KBIS 2019 & KBIS 2020 were also highlights since there are so many relationships built with others in the industry. This year, we went to an Elkay event that had a Roarings 20s theme and it was a blast! Jamie & Topher always keep us laughing and this was such a fun night.

The End of an Era 3

Last October, Morgan and I went to Napa with Signature Kitchen Suite and it was an amazing trip. We learned about the new appliance brand, went wine tasting, and met so many awesome people.

The End of an Era 4

Then in November last year, our team went to visit Noah in prison, which was so cool. It was my first time meeting Noah and I learned so much listening to his story and his dreams for when he was released. What Morgan & Jamie are doing with resilience2reform is so special and it’s been so cool to see them launch that brand and tell so many stories. And seeing Noah chase those dreams now is amazing.

The End of an Era 5

Another fun trip was visiting the Delta Faucet Company in Indy, where we got to see their technology, learn about their products, and connect with their team.

The End of an Era 6

Buying & Updating my first home

Last year, my husband and I started house hunting for our first home and Morgan encouraged me to document it along the way, which was so fun! We shared our progress and updates from each week, along with the before & after. Once we moved in, we also created a DIY live edge desk and shared the tutorial with all of you. Plus, we shared how we refreshed our kitchen on a budget, and updated our guest bathroom.

The End of an Era 7

The End of an Era 8

Favorite Projects

While working at construction2style, I have had the honor of working on so many amazing projects with great clients. As I look back on some of my favorites, the following come to mind:

The End of an Era 9

The End of an Era 10

What’s Next?

As I look back on the memories and say goodbye to c2s, it is so bittersweet. It has been an incredible opportunity and one I will always be so grateful for. Morgan, Jamie, & Topher have shown me the value of hard work, being kind to everyone, and always continuing to grow. I cannot thank Morgan & Jamie enough for the opportunity they’ve given me at construction2style. Although it is so hard to say goodbye, I am also excited about what comes next. Starting my own design company has been a dream of mine for years and now it’s happening. My husband Matt and I are wanting to start our family soon and as we were thinking about that next stage in our lives and praying about what that would look like, this felt like the next right step. Willaby Way will be a design company focused on renderings, interiors, and graphics for DIYers, homeowners, builders, and designers. Stay tuned at @willabyway for more to come & the official launch August 10.

The End of an Era 11

It’s been an honor getting to know all of you, our readers and clients as well, and I can’t wait to follow @construction2style from a new lens and I have no doubt you’ll be seeing Morgan and myself together many other times throughout the year! Thank you for the support and love throughout the years, I appreciate it so much! 

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  1. So happy for you Jordan! We are all here to cheer you on ❤️. Morgan & Jamie are such an inspiration, so happy you all had such a memorable time together!

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