All things Paint with Pinners Conference

All Things Paint with Pinner's Conference

Did you all hear, Pinterest came to Minneapolis?! And we are SOOOOO excited to be here at the Pinners Conference at the Convention Center today leading 2 of the DIY workshops!!

First topic up! Painting hacks that will change your life.

Intro, About Us

A little background about us…we’re Jamie & Morgan Molitor, husband and wife. Alongside our crew, we are a design + build team, blogging about every detail along the way so that our readers can replicate and DIY their own homes.

We started back in 2012 when Jamie bought his first investment property. Little did I know his talents and was quickly blown away by everything he was doing to the home, so started construction2style to document this first home’s journey.

As you can see, we did a lot of painting love to this home! From repurposing the kitchen cabinets to every wall within the home to building our custom built-in’s for the fireplace to all of the exterior, we painted it all.

Then we moved onto our second investment property and did the exact same thing, DIY the entire place! From painting the exterior to the interior…

Renovated a quick flip…

And now we’re renovating our final forever home!

But along that time, while we were renovating our own homes homeowners started reaching out to us to come and do their homes, so since 2015 we’ve been a full service design + build residential remodeling company.

And as you can see, we’ve done a lot of painting!! So, let’s get to it, talking all things paint today. First, off our favorite, let’s chat about paint colors!

Our Favorite Paint Colors

One of the questions we get asked a lot is what we’d recommend for paint colors, so we wrote a blog that includes 25 of our favorite paint colors for home interiors.

Every year, we pay attention to the Pantone Color of the Year, as well as all of the paint brands colors of the year. Seeing what color trends are coming up in 2019 allows us to branch out of our favorites and try some fun, new colors each year. There are some of our favorites though that we will always stand behind.

Some of which include:

  • Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore
  • Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  • Snowbound by Sherwin Williams
  • Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams
  • Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore
  • Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams
  • Cavern Clay…Color of the year for 2019!

Bold Green Paint Color | construction2style

In our basement bathroom, we went with a bold green paint that tied into the wallpaper. While it may seem counter intuitive, using a darker color in a smaller space like powder rooms and hallways actually makes the walls appear to recede, making the space look bigger. For this bathroom below, painting the ceiling black actually made the entire room feel larger since the eye was being drawn upward.

Cavern Clay is the color of the year for 2019 and we love seeing how fashion, nature, and natural material inspire colors for interior. While this color may seem bold for an entire wall, adding this color through terra cotta pots, brick tile, the front door, or on the kitchen island are great ways to use the color in small, yet interesting ways.

Cavern Clay Color Palette | construction2style

One of the crazy aspects of paint color is that there are actually psychological effects to color that impact your mood, evoke certain feelings, and bring about memories. Blue is a calming and cool color that makes you feel relaxed, while red is stimulating, full of energy and confidence.

Elk River Basement Remodel | construction2style

In bigger spaces, light colors make rooms seem brighter since they reflect light and feel less heavy. With our home, our entry and dining room are one large space and a lighter color makes the space feel open and airy. Adding the color green through plants brings life to your space and makes the room feel energized and natural. Before painting a room in your home, do some research on the color and the feelings it evokes.

Modern Dining Room Before & After | construction2style

Upcycling with Paint or Spray Paint

We love to shop our own home and upcycle old goodies with paint to make it look like a brand new piece.

Spray Paint Kids Craft Station | construction2style

Here are some ideas of items to think about when refreshing your place:

  • Picture frames
  • Mirrors
  • Legs on furnitures
  • Vanities
  • Dressers
  • Headboards
  • Couches

With our master bedroom, we shopped our own home and then used spray paint to transform frames, our nightstands, dressers, mirrors, headboards and other decor.

Here’s an example of our master bedroom…


how to spray paint your night stands without sanding | construction2style

master bedroom refresh with spray paint | construction2style

painting furniture hacks with spray paint | construction2style

how can you paint furniture without sanding | construction2style


master bedroom refresh with spray paint | construction2style

master bedroom refresh with spray paint | construction2style

master bedroom pink headboard | construction2style

Spring Paint Colors | construction2style

We also created a craftstation for our son, Greyson by upcyling old pieces and spray painting them. For both of our rooms, we were able to transform the spaces all for under $100, just by using items we already had or found at thrift stores.



Kids Craft Station for Under $30 | construction2style

This spring, we even found some free crates and things laying around for our garden bed and with some spray paint, we were able to add some life and color to our garden!

I’m all about thrifting to find inexpensive frames and giving them some spray paint love to create fun and different gallery walls!

For this wall in our dining room, every time I see a unique frame, I buy it! All of these frames I have found over the years for free or for under $1. Then by adding some gold spray paint to them, it makes them look like vintage frames that you’d find in antique stores for hundreds of dollars.

Elk River Dining Room | construction2style

In this little nook of our dining room, I created this gallery wall of our families wedding photos and again, anytime I came across a unique detailed frame, I bought it and then spray painted them all white.

Music Room | construction2style

We even updated our workshop with a fresh coat of paint. From the cabinetry to pegboards to our favorite DIY workshop hacks you can read the full post here –> Workshop Organization Ideas.

Painting Cabinetry

Painting cabinetry is a great way to use cabinets that you’ve taken out when remodeling your kitchen, updating a bathroom vanity, or painting existing built-ins, but it can be tricky since you want the paint to stick and stay looking good. When we were remodeling our basement, we painted our built-ins and shared 8 mistakes to avoid when painting cabinets. We also used our former kitchen cabinets and moved them into the basement to create a basement bar.

Elk River Basement Remodel | construction2style

Another project for a client where we repurposed the old with new cabinetry and painted it to make it all cohesive…

unfinished kitchen

kitchen island

minneapolis husband and wife design + build team | construction2style

Takeaway Tips on Paining Cabinetry:

  •  Take the doors down
  • Clean the doors
  • Invest in high quality paint
  • Sand thoroughly and in-between paint coats
  • Label doors
  • Prime
  • Let the paint dry thoroughly

Our Favorite Painting Hacks

We shared 8 of our favorite painting hacks in a blog post here –> 8 painting hacks that will change your life!

  1. Use caulk to make straight lines
  2. Use a lint roller to clean the baseboards
  3. Refrigerate your brushes in between coats
  4. Kill orders with essential oils to eliminate fumes
  5. Use a fork to clean the paintbrush
  6. Use fabric softener to make your brushes feel as good as new
  7. Place plastic wrap under the lid before sealing shut for easy opening next time around
  8. Use a paint pad with a painters stick to get behind hard to reach areas (like the toilet)

DIY Painting Crafts

Door Mat

We love using paint to create DIY projects for the home. This DIY outdoor welcome mat was created for less than $20 and in 15 minutes. For this project, we used spray paint and letters cut out in cardboard to create this saying on the outdoor rug.

DIY Rug Tutorial | construction2style

DIY Rug Tutorial | construction2style

Outdoor Welcome Mat Tutorial | construction2style

Succulent Planters

From painted pots to simple containers, succulents are the perfect plan for spring, since they’re easy to take care of and look cool too. Using tape and spray paint to create these DIY succulent planters makes them unique with the geometric shapes and metallic colors. Add them to your windowsill or patio for a fun addition.



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