DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 1

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We are so excited to share our latest bathroom project reveal! I was ecstatic about this project from the initial email from our clients asking about remodeling this room. We worked on their kitchen last year, and because they were so easy to work with and their style is so fun, we knew it was going to be another project that would get our creative juices flowing, use our skillset, push us to think outside the box, and turn out pretty cool! 

Just like their kitchen, our clients wanted to incorporate as many local and artistic elements into the space as they could. Our client Alyssa, who’s the wife of Jason the local WCCO morning news anchor and local food critic, is very fashion-forward, and she wanted this space to be a replication of her style as this was more of her space being it was right off of her home office. 


Working closely with both Alyssa and Mercedes, the owner of Mercury Mosaics, we came up with this overall concept. There were many different designs, color schemes, and iterations before we got to the final concept. Then Alyssa and Mercedes worked together to design out this one of a kind tile design. When I saw the flooring tile they had come up with, it immediately brought me back to my fashion career and combining different textures and textiles to come up with new apparel prints. The thing that is so fun about home interiors is that they often originated from the runway. And I was pumped to bring Alyssa’s fashion-forward style into the elements in her home. 

The tile design was perfect, and I couldn’t wait to see it come to life. Once the tile design and color scheme were chosen, we solidified the wallpaper choice. Again, with many wonderful options, knowing the tile concept helped us spec, and Alyssa chose which print to move forward with. However, when working with Mercedes on the tile design, she always bounced ideas off of us. She also asked about the rest of the finishing selections that had been chosen, or we were drawn to, to ensure that the overall concept was cohesive and worked well together. Eden Nightfall by Rebel Walls had been Alyssa’s favorite print all along, so we were glad it worked out perfectly and was able to incorporate it within the finishing selections. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 2

While knowing the tile and wallpaper design, Jordan, our designer here at construction2style, mocked them up in our design program and brought the selections to life so that our clients could visually see how their bathroom space would come together. 

Jordan and I also worked with the Alyssa on the remaining selections and design elements for the space…vanity, sink, lighting, faucets, fixtures, and plumbing. During this process, there are multiple options per selection to narrow down the exact finish, look, and style. In the mood board below, we were playing around with different lighting options, and while we didn’t go with the one shown, it helped show the overall feel for the direction we were heading.

And before any full decision was made, all samples were ordered and shipped to Alyssa so she could visually see the color and quality in her home and light. This is always an important step before giving the go-ahead! Because something in your home might not look the same in someone else’s. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 3


During the rendering phase of the design process, Jordan works with the clients to finalize design decisions even more. For the shower curb, our clients were debating going curbless or having a shower curb. Curbless showers are more expensive, so we wanted to make sure this detail was decided. Seeing the shower curb options in the renderings, along with options for the niche, helped our clients decide which way they wanted to go.

With Curb & Tall Niche

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 4

Curbless Shower & Long Niche

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 5 

Final Product

And here’s what they decided on…keeping the curb to designate the shower from the rest of the floor since it’s the same tile and a taller, not as wide niche. Also, Jamie built the custom wood vanity, so rather than the quartz shown above, the vanity is all wood.

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 6

These renderings also helped in showing the selections coming together as one – like the fun wallpaper and beautiful tile. This is an important step in our design process to ensure our clients can visualize all of the elements together and love what will soon be their new space. This also allows for fewer change orders during the construction process. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 7

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 8

As we couldn’t find the perfect size, finish, and storage that our clients wanted in a vanity, Jamie built this inset, natural maple, with push to open drawer slides. And it fits perfectly with the other natural and earthy elements within the space. We also have a full tutorial on how to build a similar Floating Oak Bathroom Vanity, one with no drawers.

 DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 9


The before is always the most fun part, so let’s look back. This space was lacking the personality and style that our clients love. Since it’s not their main bathroom, but used for guests and the downstairs office, they wanted it to be a space that could still showcase their personality and style. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 10

The bathroom before had a standard corner shower with a builder-grade mirror and light fixture that was off-center. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 11

Add in some beige walls and floor, and this space needed a remodel!

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 12


And here’s how Jamie and Topher brought those designs to life!

This space brings so many unique and beautiful design elements together, including the Brizo wall mount faucet, Rebel Walls wallpaper, Kohler vessel sink, and custom-built vanity.

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 13

And the real show stopper is this shower! The Brizo Odin shower fixture complements the Bluegrass Mercury Mosaics stacked 3 x 6 subway tile so well. With a glass panel, the shower has a minimal and clean look. And makes this space feel so much larger, grand,  and sleek than before. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 14

We can’t get over the work that the team at Mercury Mosaics does. Can you believe that each of these tiles is hand-cut and hand-painted? But with handmade comes perfectly imperfect products. Not every tile is the exact same, and that’s what I love about it! 

If you’re curious about what this process looks like, we have a full blog post on what it’s like to design out a custom tile design with the Mercury Mosaics team here. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 15

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 16

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 17

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 18

Anyone else hate trying to clean in and around their bathroom faucet in those tight and hard to reach areas? This is one of many reasons why I’m a big fan of wall-mounted faucets! It gives such a fun and sleek look too. 

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 19

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 20

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 21

The rainforest, bluegrass, and everglades tile colors were the perfect combination with the botanical Eden Nightfall wallpaper from Rebel Walls. Nature, flowers, moths, rhinoceros beetles, and vigilant mandrills are also to be found in the foliage. The background is a dark, contrasting blue-green color that ties in perfectly with the tile color selections.

We also have a full tutorial on How to Wallpaper 101.

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 22

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 23

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 24

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 25

And best of all, Alyssa is now using our Creative Gallery Wall Art Guide and has ordered a couple of artistic prints for this space. And I can hardly wait to see what those look like perfectly centered above the towel bar. 

What do you guys think?! Would you be daring enough to do a fashion-forward bathroom like this in your home? I’m all about it and can’t wait to do it again! 

Links to Selections

Here’s a full list of all of the selections that were used in this space.  

Brizo Wall Mount Widespread Faucet | Kohler Vessel Sink | Brizo Odin Shower Fixture | Mercury Mosaics Shower Wall Tile | Custom Mercury Mosaics Floor Tile | Glass Shower Panel | Gold Circle Mirror | Staggered Glass Sconce | Eden Nightfall Wallpaper

DeRusha Lower Level Guest Bathroom Reveal 26

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